Saturday, July 29, 2007

Bhushan Kulkarni

On 24th july 2007 student Falguni G. Jadav fellt down from perapet of the 3rd floor of Vidhyanagar girls school, Bapunagar. She was seriously injured but nither school management nor any teacher cared do give her emergency medical tretment. because of this very reason the case can convered in to medical impossibility.

Since this accident happend in the school campus because of the negligence of school authorities, it was primary duty of the school authority to inform POLICE as well as parents and DEO too.

In Bapunagar, area of eastern ahmedabad having well known school with name of VIDHYANAGAR HIGH SCHOOL, with very good displine but I don’t know how that major accident occur in that kind of school.

Do you think Management should be aware of condition of the building?
Don’t you think management should give 100% take care of injured girl?
Sould Trusty or principal bare the hall expenses?
Who is responsible if student dies?


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